2016 Alabama Offensive Play Cut Ups


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Each one of these videos is cut ups of each play that Alabama likes to run. There are less than 20 play cut up videos for you. Each play video could range anywhere from 2 mins.-8 mins. long.
Each play clip is shown from a sideline shot and endzone shot. (No sounds, just cut ups). Here are each of the plays shown in this course:

-Y cross
-QB Lead Outside Zone
-QB inside zone
-QB IZ split
-Outside zone/BS Arrow RPO
-Jet QB Counter
-Jet IZ Bluff
-Jet TB Counter
-IZ Crack-Bluff
-Inside zone/BS screen RPO
-Inside zone/BS arrow RPO
-IZ Bluff
-IZ Bluff/BS Vert RPO
-IZ Arc
-Inverted IZ


I am a nerd when it comes to the game. And I know more coaches out there are the same and want to learn as badly as I do. So this is my way of sharing anything I have on my hands to other coaches across the country

Alabama made their offense with a bunch of new wrinkles from the spread. And if you are looking for film to help add this to your team’s offense or to help install this plays and show them to your kids, then this is definitely a course worth buying!